Hair & Make

Hair and make


Hair and Makeup are additional fee. 

*Furisode rental  includes Hair and Makeup by professional at our salon.

 If you like to have hair and makeup supporting by professional,  our shop can arrange a beauty salon for you without Tuesday.



4,000yen   for only Hair up (30mini)

7,000yen  for Hair and Make up (60mini)

If you are member of two group, you need twice time and price.


Please book Kimono rental and tell you like to have hair up. I will arrange the salon. On the day, after your getting Kimono dress, we go the beauty salon together. It is 8mini walk from our Kimono shop.



Also it is nice to do just make your hair up by yourself!

There is no extra charge for the use of our hair accessories.

Since we normally rent casual Kimono, I trust you don’t need special hair and makeup. Our customers did it by themselves and I put hair accessory (you can see the gallery). They satisfied with it and looks great!