Plan C: Yukata (summer cotton Kimono) and escort to Meiji-shrine

    – 13,000yen over 2 guests and pay in advanced

   -14,000yen  solo guest / book or pay on the day

**we don’t offer this plan between 31st Dec~5th Jan 

Want your own Yukata set?  Plan C is not rental!


 *price may change depend on your size and request. (tall size over 183cm men, 172cm women and plus size parson may need additional 3000yen plus each)

Book&policy  from here


Yukata is a cotton Kimono with  casual style obi. We normally wear in Summer since we can skip under kimono so cooler.  June, July, and August it may be best choice!


Because yukata require fewer pieces to wear properly, it is fairly easy to put on by yourself. This is an excellent time to take advantage of our yukata plan! We have a video of how to dress.


TIME PLAN (around 1.5 hours) 

pick up your Yukata (We can offer it for all men, women and kids!)

You can find our Yukata from here (under 10000yen one or you can pay the difference fee over 10000yen one on the day)


Go to a Japanese garden . We help your photo shooting with our optical camera for 30min (dates will be given by email) Or the Meiji shrine is other option (3000yen additionally request par group and need 85min)






the tea ceremony

Your  yukata is warped and you can take them to your home!


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Terms and Conditions:

  • During not summer, we have limited Yukata and size, we may ask you to change Plan  B instead of C but if  we have Yukata,  you are  welcome!
  • Upon your request, we can offer a nicer or bigger Yukata with additional charge. Please ask staffs on the day.
  • Price will be 1000 yen plus when you pay on the day and  book on the day or you are solo guest.
  • Just bring yourself. But also please visit this page for preparing. Geta (shoes) is rented for free of charge or you can buy for 2000yen or more additionally on the day. 
  • We can provide a tea ceremony for guests. Additional tea ceremony is 500 yen par parson. (For whom come the shop with guests) . Maximum up to two people.
  • We will  escort you  a Japanese garden and small shrine and help your photo shooting for 30min as complimentary.
  • If you would like us to  escort the Meiji-shrines or Shinjyukugyen etc,  3000yen additionally requested  and it will be  90min tour. Or you can go to the Meiji-shrine by yourself after photo taken near our shop.
  • We  help with your photo shoot with our optical camera and will be given all dates (around 100 photos).However if you would like to  have nice photos, we recommend to have a professional photographer.  Price image :til two people from  12,000yen / over three from 16,000yen but price may change, depend on season, your request or photographer.
  • You can use our hair accessories but if you would like your hair and make up done , we charge an extra 7000yen refer here (only hair  or make up :4000yen).
  • These prices are same as adult, children, women and men. But seasonally may change.
  • Reservations accepted 3 month prior and no later than 2 hours prior requested.

Price will be 

Visit > How to book 

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I am a Japanese women who is challenging to share the Kimono with all over the world. My family runs a Kimono shop over 50 years so Kimono is one of my identity. If you find Kimono's beauty, I feel honer of it.