How do I get a Map?

How to book a rental Kimono?

How to book for buying Kimono/Yukata in person? 

What are some nice places to visit in Kimono ?

Where is a good place to eat?

Tips for your best Kimono photos

For buying

  • why do we need to book in advance?
  • do you have an internet shop and ship overseas?
  • how much do I need to buy a full set of Kimono? And what do I need?
  • I am very tall or big, are there second hand Kimono which will suit me?
  • Do I need to clean the Kimono after wearing it?
  • Is it very difficult to wear Kimono?
  • I only want to buy Obi or other accessories.
  • I want to wear Kimono at a wedding, tea ceremony, or another special occasion.
  • Can I pay by credit card?


For rental

  • Do I need to bring something or wear anything special for my appointment?
  • How should I do my hair and make up?
  • Do you have a discount for a big group?
  • I don’t need the tea ceremony or escort, can I get a discount?
  • Can I keep the Kimono overnight?
  • Can you send a full set of Kimono to the hotel?
  • I am very tall or big, can I rent Kimono?
  • Some members of my group don’t want to wear Kimono, can they still join the tour?
  • Can I pay on the day of my appointment?



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  1. 二人で着物レンタルをお願いしたら、ヘアメイク付きで、お願いできますか?

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