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Why not try “Kimono” once in Japan?

Sakeya Kimono Shop offers you two locations for Kimono rental place. If you prefere to shop Kimono, the Omiya main shop is better. If you are rather than interested in knowing Kimono, the location in Tokyo is better. Please visit more detail site of each and chose it!

Here are our recommendations,

Tomesode Furisodoe Haori Tabi
Tomesode /
the most formal kimono for married women 3000yen and Obi 1000yen〜
Furisodoe /
the most formal kimono for unmarried women 10000yen〜
Haori /
Kimono Jakets
divided-toe socks for Kimono 1000yen〜
Arnamental pin  
Arnamental pin/
Japanese style hair stick 1300yen〜
Kimono for men

Please visit more detail of location site; you would know more images of each location.
Then make a reservation to let us know your information no later than 3days prior. (You will find the Reservation site on each location's site.)

  • The price will change according to size and condition.
  • For woman over 160cm in height and man over 170cm in height we may not be able to provide second hand kimono.
  • Yukata summer cotton kimono brand new are available in any size. About 10000Yen.
  • Kimono for not wearing properly are available from 1000Yen.

We believe you can enjoy kimonos without rules!

Even if you don't know how to tie an Obi and/or wear a Kimono you can still enjoy them in untraditional ways. We encourage you to make your own original Kimono style.
Traditionally, there are lots of rules about how a Kimono can be worn, but we at Sakaeya don ’t believe these rules are necessary.
Look at this photo below; you will see one our customers wearing her Kimono in her own unique style.


Kimono Shop Sakaeya

Please come to Sakaeya Kimono shop in Tokyo Harajuku.
Kahori is now working for Harajuku shop.
Please visit here for more details.
Pre-booking required.

Make reservation in advance and get the Japanese Tea Ceremony service