Before you order



    1. order your items with your address
    2. follow payment instruction by the system. If you wish to use other payment system than the one offered, please contact us directly.
    3. you will received the items
    *for out side Japan, we will email about shipping fee and method guidance

    – over 10000yen total item value, shipping is included inside of Japan
    – under10000yen total item value, shipping fee is 800yen for inside of Japan
    – for international shipping, we will inform you about costs and delivery time. Please be aware that due to the current situation, specific shipping types or even countries might not be available.
    – we add a small handling fee of 5% of the ” international shipping fee” since the credit company charges us a commission fee.
    – when shipping without tracking, the customer takes all the risk of lost packages

    The items you have chosen online might not be available anymore. We will contact you, if this happen and return money!

    Cancellation policy
    Second hand items
    All second hand kimono, haori and any other items are sold “as is”. Therefore, those items are exempt from any refund. If you wish to check the condition of those items or want to fit before purchase, please visit our shop.

    Yukata for sleeping and out going (brand new items)
    Yukata are sold as hygiene clothing and as soon as you open the package the purchase is finalized without any possibility of refund. Please contact us before purchase if you want to fit, in any kind of doubt or for any kind of questions.


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