SOLD! Dance Kimono (kimono only)


A full kimono and obi set for traditional Japanese dance! The kimono is a lined, synthetic kimono in black, white and dark orange with gold designs. Standard size will fit many. The obi is somewhat unusual as dance obi are often Nagoya obi. Because it is a fukuro obi, this allows for there to be two patterns, one on each side. For this outfit, I used the white and purple stripes, in the last picture you can see the black and white hakata-ori side from another outfit. Very crisp and holds its shape well.


Length: 146.5 cm

Wingspan: 126 cm

Second hand items
All second hand kimono, haori and any other items are sold “as is”.
Therefore, those items are exempt from any refund. If you wish to
check the condition of those items or want to fit before purchase,
please make a booking and visit our shop.

Listing price is only for Kimono. Obi and other items are not
included. Domestic deliver fee is free of charge.


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