Maru Obi Remake-Nagoya Obi


Maru Obi are wide obi that are made with one piece of fabric with the pattern covering the entire length of the obi, front and back. These used to be very common but are not made often anymore except for extremely formal occasions.

Nagoya Obi are a hybrid style, made to be more comfortable and easy to dress. There are many variations of Nagoya obi but the typical style has the entire length that wraps around the body sewn in a half width permanently and the exact amount needed to make the ‘taiko’ shape in the back sewn full width. Nagoya obi are more formal than hanhaba but less formal than fukuro.

This is a very interesting obi! It appears to be a Maru obi that was made into two Nagoya obi (from Maruobi , we can make two Nagoyaobi) by a previous owner. Perhaps the obi became stained or damaged and the owner converted it so they could continue to wear it or they wanted to make it more convenient to wear? A very nice piece for anyone who likes the vintage aesthetic but prefers Nagoya style obi.

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