Michiyuki on sale! and without fee for international delivery


12 years anniversary sale! I joined our family run Kimono shop
“SAKAEYA” 12 years ago and still am motivated to share Kimono culture
with new friends from all over the world.

Thank you for giving me always the chance to meet nice people. To show my appreciation, second hand Haori or Michiyuki Kimono jackets for women
are on sale now (listing price including international delivery). Delivery
method is SMALL Packet SAL and no tracking. It is just like a letter. If you
like to have tracking, additionally 500 yen must be paid.

Small packet

Haori and Michiyuki are over jackets for Kimono during the cold season.
However, nowadays many dress them over normal clothes. If it is for over
Kimono, we need to know the Kimono size. But if it is for normal clothes,
we can call it “free” size. If you are not plus size, all fit you.

All of them are made in Japan and hand sawing. If you would buy them
brand new, around 100,000yen in costs.

All second hand kimono, haori and any other items are sold “as is”.
Therefore, those items are exempt from any refund. Lost items are on
the risk of costumer.

Out of stock