SOLD Red Edo Komon Kimono+Hakata Fukuro Obi Set


It may look orange in the pictures, but this  edo komon kimono is a lovely brick red color. And it is hand printed one. Slightly short so highly recommended for shorter wearers if you want to wear with the ohashori fold but can be worn by taller people as well. As you can see in the picture, it can easily be worn without the ohashori but you can also wear it shorter with an ohashori and non-traditional accessories. The obi is a synthetic hakata fukuro obi, originally intended for dance, that is reversible. The opposite side is white with bright purple stripes. The items can be purchased separately by request (2000 yen for the kimono and 1000 yen for the obi) 


Length: 144 cm

Width: 126 cm

Second hand items
All second hand kimono, haori and any other items are sold “as is”.
Therefore, those items are exempt from any refund. If you wish to
check the condition of those items or want to fit before purchase,
please visit our shop.

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