.Size check for men


Yukata is a summer cotton single layer Kimono but more casual therefor obi is also easy. You can dress by yourself with some practice (video).

We don’t sell second hand Yukata since  hygiene reason. Yukata directly wear over skin and sweat  lot. Traditionally it is kind of bath robe so we don’t want to sell second hand items but you can find  them at Second hand clothe shops (not kimono shop). Also we don’t rent Yukata as same reasons.

height 150cm~160cm  : Size S (Yukata last 3)

height 165cm~170cm  : Size M (Yukata many)

height 170cm~176cm  : Size L (Yukata many)

height  176cm~182cm : Size LL  (Yukata many)

height 182cm~188cm : Size 3L (Yukata  many)

height 188cm~196cm : Size 4L  (Yukata last3)

height 196cm~205cm : Size 5L (Yukata last 1)

Over 205cm : custom made but you can wear shorter Yukata but not Kimono.

*image of size but you can wear shorter Yukata if you like.

**Depend on how wide shoulder, chest, west you have, size will be changed too. (ex. wider shoulder parson need more taller size) 


price includes: a Yukata, an Obi one Koshihimo for dressing, a paper wrapping for Kimono, tax and shipping for inside  Japan (for outside of Japan, please let us check)

Note: You can switch Obi sash upon your request


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