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2 reviews for . Size check for men

  1. Kahori

    I received a sleeping kimono for my birthday and thought it might be nice to give my thoughts on it. The cotton material is quite nice and soft, which makes it very comfortable to lounge around in! I especially enjoy it as a robe. Unfortunately, I toss and turn, so I frequently had problems with the kimono getting tangled up in my legs at night. I think that, for people who wish to sleep in them, it’s best if you are a sound sleeper but anyone can enjoy it as a robe the way I do.

  2. Doris Oberholzer

    All my family owns a sleeping kimono from Sakaeya shop. Super comfy and very good quality, because of fine lining you don’t get in other brands. As we say in Switzerland, trying it is adopting it!

  3. Kahori

    Thank you for your review! We are glad that you feel Japan made quality!

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