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Yukata is a summer cotton single layer Kimono but more casual therefor obi is also easy. You can dress by yourself with some practice (video). And our Yukata set come with 2 Koshihimo which are needed for dressing.

We don’t sell second hand Yukata since  hygiene reason. Yukata directly wear over skin and sweat  lot. Traditionally it is kind of bath robe so we don’t want to sell second hand items but you can find  them at other shops. 

Geta shoes (wood sandal for Yukata) not included but  price 2000yen if you buy our Yuakta set. For only buying Geta, 3000yen.

Note: You can switch Obi sash upon your request

Normal Size: around 148-172cm height  and 105cm  Hip circumstance or widest body’s circumstance  (if there is no size announcement on the item, it is normal size)


S size : 130-155cm high and around 85cm Hip circumstance or widest body’s circumstance


Plus size: 

4L  around 148-172cm height   ; Hip circumstance or widest body’s circumstanceHip circumstance or widest body’s circumstance around 120cm 


2L around 148-172cm height   Hip circumstance or widest body’s circumstanceHip circumstance or widest body’s circumstance around 110cm 

S size : 130-155cm high and S/M

price includes: a Yukata, an Obi sash, two Koshihimo for dressing, a
paper wrapping for Kimono, tax and shipping for inside  Japan (for outside of Japan, please let us check)

– side of Japan is free shipping for Yukata set.
– for international shipping, we will inform you about costs and delivery time
– we add a small handling fee of 3% of the ” international shipping fee” since the credit company charged us commission fee.

-Since Yuakta set is under 2kg (without Geta), we can use small packet 

-Cheap and faster is Small packet by Sal  no tracking. It is just like a letter. If you
like to have tracking, additionally 500 yen must be paid. (Sal is only for limited courtiers) 

Small packet https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/service/small_packing_en.html
SAL https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/service/dispatch/sal_en.html



Cancellation policy
Yukata for sleeping and out going (brand new items)
Yukata are sold as hygiene clothing and as soon as you open the package the purchase is finalized without any possibility of refund. Please contact us before purchase if you want to fit, in any kind of doubt or for any kind of questions.