Yukata for men (M)


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height 165cm~173cm  : Size M

height 173cm~178cm  : Size L 

height  178cm~180cm : Size LL 

height 180cm~185cm : Size 3L

height 185cm~190cm : Size 4L

height 190cm~195cm : Size 5L

Over 195cm : custom made

*image of size but you can wear shorter Yukata if you like.

**Depend on how wide shoulder, chest, west you have, size will be changed too. (ex. wider shoulder parson need more taller size) 


price includes: a Yukata, an Obi one Koshihimo for dressing, a paper wrapping for Kimono, tax and shipping for inside  Japan (for outside of Japan, please let us check)

Cancel can be within 3days after your receiving.  Shipping fee will not refund.

Note: You can switch Obi sash upon your request