The tea ceremony is normally for whom study it so you don’t need to behave properly

Most important thing is “enjoy the moment”.

Next is “appreciation all”, the moment, items of all tea ceremony (like tea bowl), your co-guests as well as your host too.

To show your appreciation, please bow when your host bow at you.

To enjoy the moment, we recommend you to concentrate on the tea ceremony not using camera.

“一期一会 <ichigo ichie>

One time, one meeting”

-philosophy of tea ceremony

If you still would like to follow all rules, here it is …

  1. Kneeling and be quiet. (traditionally without cushion)
  2. Bow together with host
  3. Eat your candies when host ask. (please wait your turn)
  4. Get tea with bowing, put the tea bowl between you and next guest and bow together.
  5. Move the bowl in front of you and bow at the bowl.
  6. Take your bowl with your right hand and put it on the left palm, keeping your right hand to hold it.
  7. Turn the bowl little bit clocks wise.
  8. Straight your neck and upper body and drink tea slowly
  9. After drinking up, wipe the rim of bowl from where you sipped using your forefinger and thumb, and then turn the bowl anticlockwise.
  10. Return the tea bowl back to the place it was first served to you.

For more information, visit our home page and see “tea ceremony

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