Policy for rental

Terms and Conditions:

  • Payment and price
  • Due to variables with appointment dates, size or preferences,  we may ask you to make appropriate changes.
  • These prices are the same for adult, children, women and men. But Baby Kimono is free of charge (under 2years old) when both her/his parents rent.
  • Upon your request, we can offer a nicer or bigger Kimono and Yukata with additional charge. Please ask staffs on the day.
  • Price will be plus 4,000yen if you are solo guest.
  • Changing of booking day requires a 20% surcharge (except weather condition).
  • Payment should be paid within 2 days to secure your booking.
  • You can cancel your booking with at least 24hrs notice for a full refund. With less than 24hrs notice, we can only provide a 50% refund. Hair and make up cancel need 48hrs notice after it 50% refund.
  • once you cancel your booking, we do not accept new booking for one year
  • Reservations are accepted 3 month prior and no later than 2hours prior requested. On the day booking plus 3,000yen PP. Furisode plan  booking accepted 4 month prior and no later than 2days prior requested.
  • Hair and make up are “not” included in the price but you can use our hair accessories. If you would like your hair and make up done (only hair or make 5000yen), we charge an extra 10000yen refer here
  • For Furisode plan (50,000yen) hair& make up are provided by professional as complimentary
  • You can rent over night or before and after business time with additional payment
  • End & new year season and Obon season (middle August) will be charged extra fee.
  • Even after completed payment, we may need to cancel your booking (with full repayment) depend on your requests or other situations.
  • If you provide incorrect size at your booking and we have no any proper size for you, no re-payment will be provided. Please provide correct measurements and size.
  • Payment done means you agree with all these condition.

On the day

  • Just bring yourself. But also please visit this page for preparing. Price inc whole Kimono set with dressing, just bring yourself. We can provide a tea ceremony and help with your photo take for 20min for all plans.
  • We can provide a tea ceremony for guests. Additional tea ceremony is 1000 yen per person. (For whom come the shop with guests). Maximum up to two people.
  • Even skipping the tea ceremony and photo support the price are same.
  • If you damage Kimono and other items, we will charge fixing fee.
  • Please arrive at the shop with finished make-up and hair style, in case you have not booked a stylist trough us. You can use our hair accessories during the plan. If you take time for hair and make up after your arriving our shop, photo help time become shorter
  • In order to avoid any last-minute confusion, please confirm the location of our shop on the map when you receive our email. Many have problem!
  • Since a taxi cannot reach our shop, we recommend instead a door-to door pick-up service for 4,000 yen for customers within 23 Ward of Tokyo. This 4,000 yen does not include other transportation fees.

Photo help

  • When it is rain, we rent but limited location we can take you. Or you can change day and time without additional fee. Or you can change “Experience Plan” and we will back the difference fee.
  • We can help with your photo shoot with our optical camera and will be given all data (around 200 photos) near by our shop. However if you would like to have the best possible photos, we recommend to have a professional photographer. In this case additional costs apply: 20,000yen for one group but price may change, depending on season, your requests or photographer.
  • RAW image format might not always be provided by professional photographer
  • We can provide RAW image format with our own optical camera for an additional 10,00yen surcharge (please book in advance)
  • Beside of “Experience Plan” photo taken by near our salon for free of charge and we will help your  photo shooting for around 20min. For Rental plan, you can keep Kimono until 5pm but we return salon and wait there.
  • We can suggest additional nice locations to go in Kimono by yourself but we can come with you for extra payment if you would like us to help with photos there.
  • If you are late, photo taking support will be shortened accordingly. If you are over 20 min late, we regard your booking as canceled and only 50% will be refunded. You may pay a surcharge of 20% to re-activate your booking, after it was canceled for lateness.
  • Pictures taken by us are provided as download the same day or a few days after your visit (depending on professional photographer, it may even take up to one week or more).
  • Upon providing the download of your pictures, you must download them within one week. If you are not able to download your pictures during this time e.g. your are still one travel, please let us know, to provide this download some time later. If you do not download your pictures within one week, we charge 1000Yen for a new download.
  • By requesting our photo help, you agree that some of the pictures will be used on our website, Facebook and Instagram as example of our activities.
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I am a Japanese women who is challenging to share the Kimono with all over the world. My family runs a Kimono shop over 50 years so Kimono is one of my identity. If you find Kimono's beauty, I feel honer of it.