There are various types of kimono, and there are special types of belts that

correspond with these kimono types. 



小紋(こもん): [komon] Short sleeved kimono that have vibrant patterns on the fabric and can be worn for various occasions, as well as simply going out.





色無地(いろむじ): [iromuji] A solid color kimono; the fabric has no designs on it, and is considered formal enough to be worn to weddings and other formal events.






振袖 (ふりそで): [furisode] Long sleeved high-quality kimono with intricate patterns on the fabric; is very formal and is often worn for coming of age ceremonies.





羽織 (はおり): [Haori] An over-coat made of kimono fabric that is worn like a jacket over kimono; there are both men’s and women’s styles of haori.



名古屋帯 (なごやおび) : [nagoya obi] The standard belt (obi) for wearing with komon and iromuji kimono; has a patterned side that is shown when the belt is tied in the back on the kimono.



袋帯(ふくろおび): [fukuro obi] The long, more intricate belt worn with furisode and other formal kimono. This belt has a pattern on the entire belt, as opposed to the nagoya obi, which only has a short section of pattern on it.




浴衣 (ゆかた): [yukata] A type of kimono that is only worn in warmer seasons; it is only one layer of cotton, and can have traditional or more modern floral prints on the fabric. This yukata is often worn to festivals in the summer.



半幅帯(はんはばおび): [hanhaba obi] A belt that is half the width and less stiff than the belts worn with other kimono; is worn with yukata.

角帯 (かくおび): [kaku obi] A belt with simple patterns that is worn with both Men’s kimono and yukata. Is made with similar fabric as the hanhaba obi.



帯揚げ (おびあげ): [obiage] A delicate cloth that is laid over the ‘pillow’ (used when tying the obi) and is tied in the front of the obi; is meant to show slightly above the top section of the obi in front.







帯締め (おびじめ): [obijime] A cord that is tied around the middle of the obi in the final stage of tying the obi. This can have decorations attached to it when wearing formal kimono like the furisode.




草履(ぞうり): [zoori] Sandals (con be wooden or made of other materials) worn with the traditional socks (tabi); only worn with a kimono.

下駄(げた): [geta] Wooden sandals that is worn with yukata; no socks are

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