• Online shop has opened!Kahori
  • Kimono Q&A partyKahori

    Dear all, We love to meet more new friends. Let’s meet up and talk about Kimono 🙂

    We will have a Kimono party with Kimono sell. Men and kids are also. Sakaeya Kimono shop will bring many items starting from 500yen there!


     If you have questions and want to repair your own Kimono, bring it and ...

  • Kimono Cultural Exchange 7000yen inc Kimono rent/dress/photo&­partyKahori

      (Thank you Aki for your supporting ) 
      Kimono cultural exchange Hatsumoude (Visiting Shrine)& Party日本語は英語の後にご案内しています 
      Let’s celebrate New year 2014 i

      n Kimono with friends from all over the world and do cultural exchange! My small Kimono rental shop in Harajyuku offers best ...

    • Last calling the charity sellKahori

      I have been doing this charity sell for our big earthquake /Higashi nihon daishinsai and past money to several citizen and NGO.


      But I visited Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima where the earthquake hit this summer. I felt that we should buy items from there rather than offer donetion since  these citizen are motiveted work. I went to a sushi restant at Kesennuma. They ...

    • Yukata2013Kahori

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      Kimono rental in Harajyuku/ Tokyo 8000yen per parson. I had HK!
      They seems so enjoyed Kimon. Many tourists  wanted take our photos. It took so much time to walk in Meiji-shrine.
      Meiji-shrine in Kimono is too beatific! Every one wantted take photo of people in ...
    • Custom made Yukata 2013Kahori

      Ready for Summer?

      Yukata season is coming soon!
      Have you ever tried custom made Yukata?
      Your size Yukata makes you more beautiful and easier to dress by yourself!
      Anyway, this year, Swiss ordered one custom made yukata as first.
      Made by Chikusen oldest Yukata craft shop since 1842!
      This is bit bigger than nomal yukata for women. ...
    • To get know more japanKahori

      Since Japan became a boom destination, many traveler just visit without studying about Japan. This is pity, I feel. Since I have started to help our family Kimono shop in Saitama (about 1 hour from Tokyo), almost all of my guests had so deep knowledge of Japanese culture and they were eager to ...

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    I am a Japanese women who is challenging to share the Kimono with all over the world. My family runs a Kimono shop over 50 years so Kimono is one of my identity. If you find Kimono's beauty, I feel honer of it.