I have been doing this charity sell for our big earthquake /Higashi nihon daishinsai and past money to several citizen and NGO.


But I visited Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima where the earthquake hit this summer. I felt that we should buy items from there rather than offer donetion since  these citizen are motiveted work. I went to a sushi restant at Kesennuma. They open shop a refuge prefabricated house. Even it is at prefabricated house, I felt comfotable becouse of thier hospitality. I felt that offering money to them is not polite. I also bought a iron tea pot for the tea ceremony. They are creating new items to make new market. How I can offer just money to them? Giving money looks arrogant, I felt.

This  is the style of sushi restrant. I could not take photo of them becouse of night.
Their site http://asahizushi.jp/?page_id=1307

This tea pot is from Iwate (Nanbu tekki) 70,000yen!  It was expensive for me but to respect work. I bought it!

Regarding to Fukushima, I can not say anything about the nuclear reactor things since I can not get real infometion. But also  I don’t trust rumors. What I can do now for Fukushima is Eco friendly not use too much energy  🙂
Also Kimono is very Eco since Kimono have long life and very warm in winter. Were more Kimono!

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I am a Japanese women who is challenging to share the Kimono with all over the world. My family runs a Kimono shop over 50 years so Kimono is one of my identity. If you find Kimono's beauty, I feel honer of it.