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    Kimono cultural exchange Hatsumoude (Visiting Shrine)& Party日本語は英語の後にご案内しています 
    Let’s celebrate New year 2014 i

    n Kimono with friends from all over the world and do cultural exchange! My small Kimono rental shop in Harajyuku offers best price for you. This is only one chance! If you love Kimono, don’t miss it. All women and man are welcomed!

    Sunday 26th of January 2014

                                                                             Photo at meijishrine

    13pm meet up at Sakaeya kimono salon (5min walk from harajuyu station) 
    13-14pm Selecting and Dressing up kimono 
    14-16pm Visiting Meiji-shrine (10min on foot) and photo shooting 
    17pm- Moving to “After party” at Takadanobaba (10min by JR) then start the New Year party (one drink included for Kanpai) 
    18pm Kimono Dance show 
    our staff move your clothe and can change Kimono to your cloth there.

    Sakaeya Kimono Salon Tokyo ( kimono-sakaeya.com
    After party (A brand new Rental Studio runs by dancer Nana http://ameblo.jp/ladynana7/)

    Fee 8,000yen : Kimono rental, dressing support, photo shoot& copy dvd, one drink with snacks and the Kimono dance show! (note: our shop regular price is 8000yen without drink and show)

    “Special discounted fee” :7000yen when you resaved by 15th of Jan and pay by 17th of Jan) 

    Total guests: 10 guests 
    Please only reserve if you are really going. Cancellation accepted until midnight on 22nd.

    Booking: email  Name with Mr. or Ms.  & A few measurements  height /  hip/  shoe size   all with cm 

    Looking forward to meeting you in kimono 🙂 
    Kimono Shop Sakaeya owner Kahori Ochi  
    Photographer Martin Klinkigt 
    Party place owner & dancer Nana 

                                                                                   Kimono dancer Nana  


    第一回 初詣&新年会


    日時 1月26日(日)13時~18時 
    集合場所 原宿 着物サロンさかえ屋 
    パーティ会場 高田馬場 レンタルスタジオ After party  
    人数 10名まで(男女含め) 
    参加費 7千円(1月15日までのお申込みで17日までにお振込み) 
        8千円 (1月15日以降お申込みで当日払い)



    13~14時 着物選び・着付け 
    14~16時 沖津家の後、明治神宮(徒歩10分)へ初詣&写真撮影会 
    17時~ 高田馬場 After party にて新年会 

    Kimono Shop Sakaeya owner Kahori Ochi (kimono-sakaeya.com) 
    Photographer Martin Klinkigt 
    Party place owner & dancer Nana

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I am a Japanese women who is challenging to share the Kimono with all over the world. My family runs a Kimono shop over 50 years so Kimono is one of my identity. If you find Kimono's beauty, I feel honer of it.