Yukata &Haori booking deposit


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Dear Shoppers for Yukata for out going & sleeping as well as Haori 

Would you like to try on Kimono?  Please visit here.  

Thank you for your interest in our shop. We are very honored.

We Sakaeya Kimono shop offer personal and private service and don’t mix our guests as our policy.  To offer private space and time so we kindly ask 1000yen for each group wishing to visit our shop for buying in advance. You can use this 1000yen as coupon at our shop. After payment, you will receive our map (our shop does not have signboards). 

Be careful! We don’t sell colorful and short Yukata and Kimono style items. We sell only authentic items since we are a Kimono Shop.  You can find them at tourist souvenir shops.

For shopper of the following items, those rules are applied:

This fee (1000yen) includes consultation (inclusive one Yukata (not Kimono) try-on for one person, for each further try-on additional 1000yen are charged), private time and space for 30mini.

So please also once visit our online shop to make sure we have something you like. On the online shop, we show all of our products beside some expensive items as for example costume made kimono. Our cheapest item is Kimono silk necktie  and Haori for women for 2000yen.

We do believe our shop offer best service for shopper too. For example, authentic (not colorful)  Yukata for sleeping, cotton, made in Japan, 7 size for each gender (other shops normally only 3 size), as well as we offer cheapest price with try on (other shops don’t allow even try on)!  

If you don’t like our policy, please use our online shop. Delivery fee inside Japan is on us, if your purchase is over 10,000yen. Insurance and tracking included. In Tokyo, you can receive the items next day fastest, if you order by noon.


  • Payment should be paid within 2 days to secure your booking.
  • You can change the time and day by 2hours before once. 
  • If you are over 20 min late, we regard your booking as canceled and no refund possible. 
  • If you cancel 24 hours in advanced, you will get full refund. After it, no refund possible or you can use this 1000yen at our online shop so coupon will be issued. 

Only buying Yukata for sleeping?   you can visit our second location, one station  “Yoyogikoen” away from Harajuku by Chiyoda-line subway or 20min. on foot through Yoyogi-park. At our second location this booking fee is not required, but slots are very limited. Near this location there are many good restaurants so you can drop in there as well. My recommendation.