Kimono consultation




Dear Shoppers for Kimono,

This page for kimono shopper but you can try on Yukata too. If Yukata only, deposit is 1000yen.

Thank you for your interest in our shop. We are very honored.

Our shop has over 60years history for selling Kimono at different prefecture. 

And it was common to make a booking before your coming for shopping Kimono since Kimono shop as self, don’t own many Kimono but craft shops or artists have. Because of this we ask them to bring Kimono which fits the customer’s preference. But nowadays we are accustomed with Uniqlo style shop. Abundance or mass products but this does not fit with arts inc Kimono, I believe. Because Kimono should be original not multiple copies.  Actually good Kimono shops like Maiko and Geisya use in Kyoto dose not show any kimono as display since all are “Haute couture”.  Also we can offer “Haute couture” too.

Now our shop is independent in Tokyo and offers rental and purchase, hybrid style to keep our Kimono business. Also we do not only sell custom made but second hand and pre made Kimono which you can try on (costume made is just fabric you can not try on).
So fitting needs a lot of time and efforts to arrange size and dressing, therefore, we charge a consultation fee 5,000yen each for Kimono shopper.
Kimono 1 hour consultation and booking fee 5000yen for each person.
When you buy over 10,000yen each, we will refund 5,000yen each.
Normally we can offer 4pm slot.
After your shopping, you may see how the shop can become messy since many accessories are required for dressing etc. So normally we can not accept rental guests directly after your shopping.

During the 1 hour, we share all of our knowledge of Kimono and at least one Kimono & Yukata you can try on (inclusive one try-on for one person, for each further try-on additional 5000yen are charged). The shop becomes your private space with no other guest visiting.

We also recommend to once visit our online shop once, to make sure that we have something you wish to have. For minimum price image, 39000yen for second hand or pre-made Kimono for both women and men. But if you are special size , like tall or plus size, it may more or you may need to custom made, we can also arrange a visit at our makers or prepare some fabric. 

About size and price, please also visit this page too.

All items on the online shop are our inexpensive items, so if you tell your budged, we can arrange more.

If you don’t like our policy, please use our online shop. Delivery fee inside Japan is on us, if your purchase is over 10,000yen. Insurance and tracking included. In Tokyo, you can receive the items next day fastest, if you order by noon.

Cancel policy: if you are over 20 min late, we regard your booking as canceled no refund possible. When you cancel 24 hours in advanced, you will get full refund. After it, no refund possible or you can use this 5000yen at our online shop so coupon will be issued.