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For those who you would like to buy Yukata and Yukata for sleeping ( like the one you use at ryokan).  Visit this page



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We can offer almost all Kimono in Japan with best price*.

 Full order made Kimono and Obi  ; you can order what picture should be on the Kimono 300,000yen~  or Obi 200,000yen ~  It’s real style of Kimono buying like our royal family!

Custom made Kimono and Yukata ; chose a Kimono or Yukata fabric , our professional  sewer will make your just size Kimono 50,000yen~  or Yukata 30,000yen~

Second hand Kimono for women(not kids) ; Junk items, wool, no picture single color Kimono with small size from 1,000yen~ (For wearing Kimono at least 5000yen~ ) and you need at least 15000yen for necessarily items.

Kids Kimono set :price from around 10,000yen bu t very limited. We recommend Yukata set for around 8000yen

Brand new Kimono sets for men : 25000yen (Kimono, Haori, Haori himo and Obi) til for 195cm

Other Kimono accessorize Many Kimono relating items  ex:Sleeping Yukata ( you can use it at Ryokan) See all 

There are no second hand Yukata because of hygiene reason brand new Yukata set is from 10,000yen to 16,000yen

*  why good price?


弊店の取り扱い商品一覧 What we have; our stock  Pronunciation Meaning Price

Japanese who sold their Kimono are elder so they are quite small.  Women is around 150cm and Men is around 165cm. If you are taller then them, you should go to brand new Yukata, it will be cheapest choice for you.  However, we are happy to arrange costume made Kimono and Yukata with good price for tall or plus size people.


女性向け for women
リサイクル品 second hand  **be careful if you like to wear like a Japanese, you need many accessorize so at least 25000yen**
着物 袷  Kimono awase Kimono with lining 5000(for under 150cm tall) ~ 
着物 単衣 Kimono hitoe Kimono with no lining 8000 ~
着物 絽 Kimono ro Light weight silk gauze for hot weather 10000 ~
羽織 Haori a jacket worn on top of the kimono 1000 ~
雨コート Ama gouto Kimono rain coat 2000 ~
名古屋帯 Nagoya Obi Obi is a Japanese sash or belt 1000 ~
袋帯  Fukuro Obi Formal type of Obi 1000 ~
半幅帯 Hanhabaobi Half wide Obi 1000~
道行 Michiyuki Kimono coat 2000 ~
襦袢 Jyuban Kimono underwear 8000 ~
振袖 Furisode  most formal kimono for unmarried women 50000 ~
色留袖 黒留袖 Kurotomesode Kimono underwear 10000 ~
色無地 Iromuji single-colored kimono 1000 ~
訪問着 付け下げ Homongi Visiting Kimono 20000 ~

新品 brand-new

浴衣類 brand-new Yukata 
浴衣 Yukata summer kimono usually made of cotton 6000 ~
浴衣帯 Yukata Obi Obi for Yukata 1000 ~
下駄 Geta wooden sandal 2000 ~
ゆかた肌着 Yukata hadagi Underwear for Yukata 2000 ~

新品着物付属品・装備品 Kimono accessories and related garments (everything are Japanese style)
髪飾り Kamikazari hair ornaments for Kimono style 1000 ~
美容衿 Nairon only neck undergarment 3000 ~
女性用肌襦袢 Hadajyuban Undergarment 3000 ~
腰紐 Koshi himo Thin sashes tied 250 ~
裾よけ(腰巻) Susoyoke A thin petticoat-like garment 1500 ~
コウリンベルト Korinbelt Kimono dress belt 1100 ~
帯枕 Obimakura Obi pillow 1000 ~
前板 mae-ita A thin, fabric covered board placed under the obi 1000 ~
白半襟 Shirohaneri White silk coller White collar 300 ~
刺繍半襟 Sisyueri Collar with embroidery 1500 ~
衿しん(二本入り) Erishin Foundation for collar 300 ~
帯締め Obijime decorative rope 3000 ~
帯揚げ Obi age covering sash 3000 ~
足袋(ストレッチ) Tabi ankle-high, divided-toe socks 1500 ~
足袋カバー Tabi cover Cover for Tabi 1000 ~
伊達締め Datejime tie beneath the Obi 500
草履  Zōri  cloth, leather or grass-woven sandals 3000 ~
草履カバー Zori Zori cover for wet day 1000 ~
帯留め Obidome obi clips 1500 ~
美容衿どめ Biyoueridome Clip for dressing Kimono 1800 ~
衣文抜き Emon nuki For making a hall backside 250 ~
ヒップパット Hip padding 2800 ~
補正襦袢 Hoseijyuban controlling undergarment 4000 ~
和装用ブラジャー Wasouburajya brassiere for Kimono 3000 ~
防寒用ベルベットコート Velvet coat velvet Kimono coat 34000 ~
防寒用ストッキング Stocking Kimono stocking 600 ~

男性向け For men
リサイクル品 second hand 
着物(長着) Kimono (Nagagi) Kimono 1000(under 160cm tall) ~
羽織 Haori a jacket worn on top of the kimono 3000~
帯 Obi  Japanese sash or belt 3000 ~
襦袢 Jyuban Kimono underwear 4000 ~
袴 Hakama a pair of long pleated loose-fitting trousers 10000(under 160cm tall)~

brand-new Yukata
浴衣 brand-new Yukata summer kimono usually made of cotton 5000 ~
下駄 Geta wooden footgear for man 1500 ~
浴衣帯 brand-new Yukata Obi Obi for Yukata 3000 ~

新品着物付属品・装備品 Kimono accessories and related garments (everything are Japanese style)
肌襦袢 Hadajyuban Kimono underwear 3000 ~
長じゅばん(メリンス) Nagajyban (muslin) semi-Underwear made of muslin 5000 ~
半じゅばん Hanjyuban Half semi-underwear 4000 ~
足袋(ストレッチ) Tabi ankle-high, divided-toe socks 1000 ~
帯 Obi Japanese sash or belt 3000(cotton) ~
伊達締め Datejime tie beneath the Obi 1700 ~
羽織紐 Haori-himo tasseled, 3500 ~
雪駄 Setta leather and grass-woven sandals 5800 ~
扇子 Sensu Japanese fan 2500 ~

男女ともに(共用) For men and women (unisex)
袋物 Bag
着物向けバッグ Kimono muke bag Bag made of Kimono fabric 2800 ~
風呂敷 Furoshiki cloth wrapper 1000 ~
巾着 Kincyaku drawstring bag 2000 ~

はんかち類 Handkerchief
はんかち Hankachi Handkerchief 200 ~
手拭 Tenugui Japanese style washcloth 1200 ~

着物の保管にお勧め For kimono’s safekeeping
たんす紙(防虫・防カビ) Tansushi Sheet for mothball 600 ~
美容衣裳敷 Biyouisyoushiki Sheet for giving a place dressing 1000 ~
着物バック Kimono bag wheeled carry-on for Kimono 7000 ~
着物ハンガー Kimono hanger hanger for Kimono 850 ~
たとう紙(64cm) Tatoushi wrapping sheet forkeeping 400 ~

プレゼントに Gift ~
干支グッヅ Eto goods Year animal goods 2000~


冠婚葬祭 Ceremonial functions
末広 Suehiro fan for wedding 1000 ~
ふくさ Fukusa kind of holder for gift 2000 ~
数珠(男性用) Jyuzu f beadroll for men 5300 ~
数珠(女性用) Jyuzu beadroll for women 3000 ~

お仕立てをお考えの方に Tailor-made

男性物ウール反物 danseimono u-ru tanmono woolen Kimono roll of cloth 20000 ~
女性紬反物 Tumugi tanmono for women Kimono pongee fabrics 5000 ~
女性染め反物 Some tanmono for women Kimono roll of cloth 5000 ~
長襦袢反物(ポリエステル) Nagajyuban tanmono Jyuban roll of cloth 18000 ~
八掛 Hakkake Kimono lining 15000 ~
居敷当 Sishikiate Kimono lining for hitoe 1500 ~

After care ; cleaning

It depends on the Kimono and damage. Our professional craft women needs to see the condition and give you invoice. Our cleaning and after care have very good reputation even from Geisha which means you can trust us.