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norwayLife in Norway

The year before last, I visited my friend who got married to a Norwegian and lives there. 

My friend’s husband was working for a bank. Working for banks in Japan is awful! My brother is a banker but he can’t take paid holidays for over 1 week and everyday he works until late. 

However, my friend’s husband can come home around 4pm and eat dinner with family and enjoy his private time. 

How different we are! 

Moreover, I was fascinated by Norwegian government strategies. 

They preserve lots of nature. For example, taking the 4 steps of the center of Oslo, the capital, they have a big lake and a huge forest. At the lake, beavers live, and sometimes they make dams and it floods. You know, beavers need tons of nature!!! Can you imagine a beaver dam in Tokyo!? 

In spite of being rich in oil, they are second oil producer, Norway put preserving nature and human rights above the economy. It seemed me very humanistic and healthy. 

Norway stuck in my mind. ”What kinds of thoughts run this country? I should study Norwegian civilization more closely. Maybe I should study it there.”

My days in Noway

This can not described. How I had been changed. May I allow to share photos with you? This is the only the way I can show you in my days in Norway.

When I see these photos, I have to appriciate again all who I met in my life. Because of your being, I am being here.


Good bye my first love

If  you see these photos, you may feel why I said good-bye to my 8years boyfriend. I found independent life as women. Since he has Japanese love, he suggests me ” How I should be”. This was I loved it since he suggested many things which my mother had never said to me. I felt he paid attention me so much. But after communicated with many fiends in Norway, I found my own wish in my mid.

But we are still great friends. We had Yoga lesson with my husband. My German husband and him become good friends and both of them thinks” He is great parson”. When I heard of it, I thought ” I am the luckiest lady in the world.” You know what I mean?

He is now a layer in Osaka and has gotten married with a Japanese Korean.  I wish his good luck!

Then go to second love!?

Between my first love and my married, I had been struggling making boyfriends. You may be intarsted in this girls talk. But to respect my candidate of boy friends, I want to keep these stories in my mind.   I would like  to say just ” they are so wonderful, that’s the way we are still friends since I want to respect our friendships and love them as human being”.



After entering my life to Kimono shop, many media introduced

If you like, please have look here  It might be good to know our shop and me from their point of views.



 I will more write it soon. It will be about  “Love”. Japanese means Love different  from Weston one.

As you know my parents have traditional Japanese but my husband is German.



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