• My Experience With Kimono Rental Shops Sparrow

     Today I want to talk about rental shops. Over the years I have had several experiences with kimono rental shops in Japan and they have all been very different. A lot of people who might be interested in rental probably don’t know how varied experiences might be and the information on the English websites aren’t ...

  • A Trip to Daiichi Iryo Sparrow

    We don’t carry many kid’s sizes, so occasionally we have to take special effort to prepare for a group with children. Tomorrow we have a group with a young boy and Ochi-san asked me to visit a wholesaler called Daiichi Iryo to pick up a boy’s yukata. The staff was kind enough to let me ...

  • Creating Your Own Style: An Evolution Sparrow

    As is often said, one must know the rules before you can break them, and kimono has a lot of “rules” or variables. While it is often tempting to go very dramatic when you are a beginner, things like that are frequently better left until after you have practice with the basic aspects of coordination. ...

  • Sparrow’s Diary: Fabric Shopping at Chikusen Sparrow

    This post is a long time coming so I apologize if I mess up any details in the meantime! A few weeks ago, Ochi-san and I visited a shop called Chikusen, which is apparently quite a prestigious kimono textile producer. They specialize in Indigo dyed patterns and had ...

  • Sparrow’s Diary–Ichiyo Higuchi and Iseya Pawn Shop Sparrow

    This weekend I went to an English tour of the Iseya Pawn Shop, which is closely associated with the Meiji author Ichiyo Higuchi. She is regarded as one of the greatest writers of the Meiji era and is featured on the 5000 yen bill. The tour, as it ...

  • An American Sparrow in Kimono Sparrow

    Hello everyone, I’m Sparrow and you may have seen me flitting about on the site and social media lately. Enough with that, I’d like to formally introduce myself! I am an International Business student at Cottey College in Missouri and, until November, I will be working for ...

  • Sparrow`s Diary -First sewing day Sparrow

    Kahori wants me to really appreciate the work that goes into making kimono so she suggested that I sew my own yukata. Because I live in Texas, which gets very hot in the summer (and Spring and Fall) to the point where hitoe in April can be unbearably hot, she recommended that I make my ...

  • Kiimono Q&A party Kahori

    Dear all, We love to meet more new friends. Let’s meet up and talk about Kimono 🙂

    We will have a Kimono party with Kimono sell. Men and kids are also. Sakaeya Kimono shop will bring many items starting from 500yen there!


     If you have questions and want to repair your own Kimono, bring it ...

  • Kimono Cultural Exchange 7000yen inc Kimono rent/dress/photo&­party Kahori

      (Thank you Aki for your supporting ) 
      Kimono cultural exchange Hatsumoude (Visiting Shrine)& Party日本語は英語の後にご案内しています 
      Let’s celebrate New year 2014 i

      n Kimono with friends from all over the world and do cultural exchange! My small Kimono rental shop in Harajyuku offers best ...

    • Last calling the charity sell Kahori

      I have been doing this charity sell for our big earthquake /Higashi nihon daishinsai and past money to several citizen and NGO.

      But I visited Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima where the earthquake hit this summer. I felt that we should buy items from there rather than offer donetion since  these citizen are motiveted work. I went to a sushi restant at Kesennuma. They ...

    • Yukata2013 Kahori

      20130701_155013 (Mobile) 20130701_161551 (Mobile)    20130701_162233 (Mobile) 20130701_161738 (Mobile) 20130701_155112 (Mobile) ...

    • New customers from HK Kahori


      Kimono rental in Harajyuku/ Tokyo 8000yen per parson. I had HK!
      They seems so enjoyed Kimon. Many tourists  wanted take our photos. It took so much time to walk in Meiji-shrine.
      Meiji-shrine in Kimono is too beatific! Every one wantted take photo of people in ...
    • Custom made Yukata 2013 Kahori

      Ready for Summer?

      Yukata season is coming soon!
      Have you ever tried custom made Yukata?
      Your size Yukata makes you more beautiful and easier to dress by yourself!
      Anyway, this year, Swiss ordered one custom made yukata as first.
      Made by Chikusen oldest Yukata craft shop since 1842!
      This is bit bigger than nomal yukata for women. ...

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