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We located  10 minutes walk from the Meiji Shinto shrine and 3 minutes from private Japanese garden (often close).    Nice to visit there in Kimono and have location photos. We help photos with our optical camera!

 Going out in Kimono
– over 2 guests : 10,000yen
Solo guest : 14,000yen

We will escort you the Meiji-shrine(3000yen plus each group),  near our shop (free of charge) ,yoyogipark (4000yen) or Shinjuku-gyoen (ask extra price) for 20mini with photo help and will provide the tea ceremony as complimentary.

~Upon your request, we can offer nicer or bigger Kimono(over 120cm hip wide) with additional charge ~

~ Late booking plus 4000yen PP , needs to finish booking & payment 2 days before your visit~

                                                                                                Booking from here

Time plan

Getting dress around 20mini
Taking photo near our shop (this garden sometime closes so we can not promise to take you there)
 Take photos at the meiji shrine which is 15min from our shop  to the entrance, and whole tour will be 1 hour and 3,000yen additional.
 Time will be around 1.5 hours for total when we go the Meiji-shrine. one hour near our shop for total.
tea ceremony 20min
5min try on a wedding kimono (now stop offer due to corona prevention)

Terms and Conditions

  • Late booking will be 4000yen plus PP and needs to finish booking & payment 2 days before your visit
  • Solo guests are 4,000yen plus
  • Just bring yourself. But also please visit this page for preparing.
  • We can provide a tea ceremony for guests. Additional tea ceremony is 1000 yen per person. (For whom come the shop with guests). Maximum up to two people. If they don’t become the tea ceremony guest, please stay outside but we take photos together with them.
  • Even skipping the tea ceremony and photo help, price are same.
  • We can help with your photo shoot with our camera and will be given all data (around 100 photos) near by our shop. However if you would like to have the best possible photos, we recommend to have a professional photographer. In this case additional costs apply: 30,000yen for one group but price may change, depending on season, your requests or photographer.
  • If you would like us to  escort the Meiji-shrines 3000yen or yoyori-park 4000yen or Shinjyukugyen 5000yenetc, additionally requested  and it will be1.5~ 2 hours tour.
  • You can use our hair accessories but if you would like your hair and make-up done, we charge an extra 10000YEN refer here (only hair or make up: 5000YEN)
  • After the tea ceremony and our photo help, you can keep the Kimono for an additionally 30 minutes. After it, for each additional 1 hour 1000yen PP is charged. For example, 2 people keep the Kimono for 1.5 hours and it costs 2000yen.
  • These prices are same for adults, children, women and men. But until 2 years, a baby cover style kimono is free of charge when both parents rent Kimono.
  • When it is rain, we rent but only limited location will be available for guidance, or you can change day and time without additional fee. also you can change “Inside Experience Plan 8000yenPP” and we will return the difference.
  • We can suggest additional nice locations to go in Kimono (Shinjyukugyoen, Nezu museum etc…)  by yourself but we can come with you for extra payment if you would like us to help with photos there. Please ask extra payment fee.
  • End & new year season and Obon season (middle August) will be charged extra fee.
  • Reservations accepted 3 months prior and no later than 2 hours prior requested appointment.

    Please also once visit Condition and policy for plans.

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I am a Japanese women who is challenging to share the Kimono with all over the world. My family runs a Kimono shop over 50 years so Kimono is one of my identity. If you find Kimono's beauty, I feel honer of it.


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