all women, men and kids are welcome for all seasons!  

We will provide a tea ceremony & help with your photo taking. 

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A Experience Plan :  1 hour Kimono at our salon and tea ceremony- Not offer til end of corona virus  

Short and Sweet, only a little time to spare!(only inside of shop) NOT OFFER NOW


B Rental Plan : Visit Meiji-Shrine  or Japanese garden and tea ceremony in authentic Kimono- 9,000yen 

Out and about for a photo!  Beautiful Japanese garden is only 3min on foot. Or the meiji-shrine (3000yen plus each group) we can go !Price up from March 2023 10,000yen (solo 13,000yen)


C Yukata  Plan :  Yukata  (summer cotton Kimono) and escort to Meiji-shrine or Japanese garden and tea ceremony – 14,000yen

   You keep your Yukata  and obi ( not shoes) . All year available. Tea  ceremony and photo help will be provided too. (For Meiji-shrine 3000yen plus each group)


 D Furisode Plan: Furisode (silk hand painted long sleeved Kimono) for your very special occasion – 50,000yen  

Wedding or special memory service. Inc, make,hair and 1 hour photo shooting or no hair make up will be 40,000yen.

  * Your partner can rent Kuromontuki (formal Kimono for men) for an extra  20,000yen.


 E Ceremonial Kimono Plan: Homongi visiting dress Kimono from 12000yen

                                                    Hichi-go-san 753 Kimono 20000yen

                                                   Graduation hakama kimono 20000yen etc…  



We are flexible and have many different types of kimono (Formal and Informal) so please ask us. If you need to rent your kimono for more than a day, we can do this too!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Baby Kimono is free of charge (under 2years old) when both her/his parents rent
  • All inclusive rental with dressing, just bring yourself. We can provide a tea ceremony and help with your photo take.
  • Price will be 2000yen plus if you are solo guest.
  • If you like to have nice photos, we recommend you to order a professional photographer. We have some business friends  and can arrange for you.
  • These prices are same as adult, children, women and men.
  • When it is rain, we rent but limited location we can take you.Or you can change day and time without additional fee. Or you can change “Experience Plan” and we will back the difference fee.
  • You can use our hair accessories but if you would like your hair and make up done (only hair or make 5000yen) , we charge an extra 10000yen refer here
  • For Furisode plan  hair and make up is provided by professional and is included on the price.
  • Beside of “Experience Plan” Escorting a small Japanese garden near our salon for free of charge and we will help your  photo shooting for around 30mini.  For Rental plan, you can keep Kimono until 5pm but we return salon and wait there.
  • Reservations accepted 3 month prior and no later than 2hours prior requested. (on the day booking plus 2000yen)
  • Furisode plan  booking accepted 4 month prior and no later than 2days prior requested.

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I am a Japanese women who is challenging to share the Kimono with all over the world. My family runs a Kimono shop over 50 years so Kimono is one of my identity. If you find Kimono's beauty, I feel honer of it.